PPM Services

PPM Services

Expert Clarity PPM Support, Training & Consulting Services for the Data-Driven PMO

Bringing Clarity Via Expert PPM Services

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  • As a customer-centric business, we want our customers to have a positive experience at every stage of the PPM journey. We deliver a solution tailored to your needs.
  • Annitek's insistence on understanding the customer's business needs enables us to provide them with the right solution.
  • Annitek's goal is to deliver value.

PPM Assessment

Improving business processes and defining innovation requires a significant investment of time and resources. The implementation roadmap linking strategy to execution with clearly defined goals and success criteria ensures continued success afterward.

Annitek engages with business leaders to further the understanding of their vision and then produce plans using multiple planning horizons, including Portfolio Roadmap and various Release Plans.

Based on proven Organizational Change Management strategies, Execution Frameworks, we will assemble a plan-forward that describes the critical moves your enterprise can take to implement Clarity PPM in an orderly, reliable, and effective manner. 

Annitek works to help you find the right balance of technology, services, licensing, and support to add value to your business with the successful adoption of PPM & Agile solutions.

Implementations & Upgrades

Implementations, Upgrades, and Support are all pieces of the CA Clarity PPM deployment. The Annitek team uses agile and iterative deployment strategies to support customers in every aspect of their CA Clarity PPM journey and to deliver a solution that is specific to the business needs of the customer.

Annitek Functional & Technical Architects and Consultants have the expertise necessary to handle everything from installations, upgrades, and integrations through to building the reports, portlets, and dashboards required to support the business during the various stages of PPM maturity. Our proven approach ensures that everyone from the Portfolio Managers to the timesheet user can get timely and relevant business value from their PPM tool.

Our experts can help you accelerate your PPM implementation, upgrades and support.


Use Case:

As Peter, Project Manager, I want to see the hours a contractor has logged into SAP Fieldglass against my project so that I can compare estimated hours to actual hours within Clarity PPM.

The user story above is an example of an integration requirement between Clarity PPM and SAP Fieldglass that your Project Manager might have requested from the Clarity team.  

The Annitek team uses APIs, XOG, GEL, and SOAP for integrations.  Standard incoming and outgoing data interfaces are designed to be tool-agnostic and are highly configurable and extendable, helping customers save both time and money.

Reporting & Dashboards

Report Development:
Annitek has extensive experience with Jaspersoft report development. Annitek Report Development Services can be customized for all your reporting creation and conversion needs.  The report development can be Fixed Price, or the contract can be Time and Material.

Dashboard Services:
Annitek Navigator 2.0 is the right solution to extend the functionality of your CA Clarity PPM data beyond the limitations of your PPM reports.

Fueled by APIs, Navigator 2.0 is a robust HTML5 development & presentation platform that unlocks your data from both Cloud and On-Premise applications and displays it all in one interactive dashboard that has Edit and Write-back capabilities. It gives your senior stakeholders a holistic real-time, 360° view of your business via a visually stunning dynamic dashboard for PC, Mac, & iPad.

Annitek Navigator is the only BI tool that connects directly to Clarity PPM and uses existing NSQL queries to build dashboards. Alternatively, database connectors are also available for Oracle and PostgresSQL.


Process Redesign

A PPM implementation will require a reevaluation of the existing processes, that include initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing, aka PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) process groups.

A portfolio maturity model is a tool to assess the level of sophistication in the processes, tools, and people involved in managing the project portfolio process.  According to Gartner, around 80% of PMOs are level 1 or 2 maturity level.  Now when you add multiple frameworks (Waterfall, Agile, Lean, & Hybrid) into the mix, people, process, and tool reevaluation become critical for success. 

Organizations use multiple metrics to gauge progress.  At Annitek, we measure the maturity level. If an organization has successfully deployed PPM, it should automatically move up the maturity level. That is why we recommend that the program be started by baselining the maturity and then reevaluate this metric annually post PPM implementation.

Annitek Consultants can bridge this gap and focus on improving organizational maturity.  


Training & OCM

Don't let your deployments fail due to a lack of Change Management, End-user Acceptance, and Training. The difference between successful and failed PPM implementations is Change Management. At Annitek, we strongly believe in Change Management and make it a crucial part of our implementation strategy.

K & R are two vital components of the ADKAR model.

Knowledge. Teach employees how to make the change.
Reinforcement. Make the change permanent by reinforcing new methods.

The more knowledge and training you can give; the more employees will understand the change and see the benefits of making the change. And the easier it will be to transfer that knowledge during the next step in the ADKAR change management process.

The Annitek team has extensive experience in assisting organizations with Change Management services and offers both instructor-led as well as e-learning solutions to ensure change is reinforced.


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