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We connect directly to Clarity PPM cloud using existing NSQL queries to build dashboards in the cloud.

Bringing Clarity Via Dashboards

  • Use existing NSQL queries to build interactive dashboards.  Leverage existing assets to build views.  No need to learn new tools.
  • Bring data from JIRA, Anaplan, Fieldglass and other applications to get a consolidated picture of your project health.
  • Use Clarity PPM security to limit the data shown. 


Putting Business In Charge

For businesses to be agile, you need to empower your end-users, casual users, and power-users to quickly get insights into their projects & programs without having to wait for IT.  By eliminating wasted time waiting for new project-specific visualizations, the business can achieve true agility.   
Annitek Navigator Business Stories enables your business users to get their data their way.  Have your project teams work on their shared google sheets/ excel sheets and let Business Stories update the dashboards as the data changes.
Annitek Navigator Business Stories gives Portfolio Managers, Project Managers, and your project team an easy to use and powerful analytics tool, so they build their views, answer their questions, collaborate, and share insights. Explore, analyze, work with your Project team in a whole new way.

Power Of APIs

Click to see the video on building a dashboard using Clarity NSQL, showing how an organization can leverage Annitek Navigator's write-back feature. Example Kanban Board

Use Clarity NSQL to Build Dashboards

Consolidate live data from Clarity PPM, JIRA, SERVICENOW, FIELDGLASS, ANAPLAN, SAP, and other planning tools. Join data sources using the Project ID and visualize data using more than 60 chart types. Seamlessly jump from managed dashboards to Clarity PPM or run a connected Jaspersoft report. Edit the data directly within the dashboard and send updates to the applications using REST API.

How is this accomplished?

Clarity PPM administrators write NSQL queries (the same ones that they use to build portlets). The dashboard uses SOAP calls, connects to Clarity PPM, and consumes the SOAP service to present the data in dashboards. Annitek Navigator is the only BI tool with this feature. As Annitek Navigator uses the Clarity PPM security model, users see data within the dashboard limited by their Clarity PPM rights. OKTA SSO integration allows users to move seamlessly between Clarity PPM, Jaspersoft, and Annitek Navigator Portal.

You got my interest, what comes next?




Navigator runs on a cloud server and is accessed over the web with a username and a password. The cloud server may have multiple tenants on the same infrastructure layer. Upgrades and new features are available on an on-going basis. There is nothing the customer needs to maintain. Get the implementation going quicker and at a fraction of on-premise deployment.




Navigator is accessible via the web similar to On-Demand/Cloud. The hosted solution requires separate servers and installs for each customer. The customer owns the software and pays maintenance each year. Implementations and upgrades to new releases are more costly than the On-Demand deployment, but the customer has complete control over the implementation.




Navigator is installed and runs on the customer's hardware, requiring administrative resources and additional cost for databases and infrastructure. The customer owns the software and pays maintenance every year. Implementations involve multiple departments and deployment takes longer, but the customer has complete control of the solution.

Transforming Data

Get live data from all your applications.  Extract, Transform, Load, and Merge multiple data streams to get complete insights into your Projects and Portfolio.

How do we do all this?

The Annitek Navigator Extract, Transform & Load Engine has a drag and drop interface that simplifies the process of pulling, cleansing, transforming, and merging data from all the sources needed by the business.  The in-built PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) process of combining datasets uses a simple sequence of steps and visually inspects data. It then configures actions and previews results before scheduling jobs. This aids in improving data quality and reducing errors. Datasets are auto-refreshed by jobs planned at regular intervals.

Write-Back Data

Reports and dashboards by default are meant for viewing only.  With REST APIs, there has been a paradigm shift.  Using REST API (Patch or Post function) Annitek Navigator Dashboards are able to update the Clarity PPM data (or other applications data) from within the dashboards. 

Use Case: Have you ever looked at a Resource Management dashboard or a report and wished you could simply edit a team member's allocation? 

Using Clarity PPM REST API, Annitek Navigator enables the Project Manager/ Resource Manager to modify the data directly from the dashboard instead of having to go back to the Clarity Portal.  How do we manage governance?  We use the Clarity PPM security model and limit the write-back feature to only those resources who have the "API - Access" rights.  

See Writeback Demo


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