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Annitek Navigator is the only BI tool that Connects directly to Clarity  PPM and uses existing NSQL queries to build dashboards.

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The Process

Annitek Governed Dashboards give you the capabilities to build your dashboards your way to get a truly 360° view of your portfolio. Connect to Clarity PPM using NSQL queries, use Rest API to connect to SAP Fieldglass for contractor hours, Anaplan for budgets, JIRA for Agile, and SAP Financials for financial data.

Using over 60+ charting components, build your visualizations.

Annitek Navigator, by default, is aware of the logged-in user's Clarity PPM security rights. Hence they only see the data that they have rights limited to investments within Clarity PPM.

Using OKTA, jump seamlessly between Annitek Navigator, Clarity PPM, and Jaspersoft Reports.


Key Features

Fueled by APIs, Navigator 2.0 Dashboard Designer is a complete package to create governed dashboards with prebuilt capabilities.  Simple enough for business users to understand yet robust enough to accommodate custom scripting.  

icon_funnel_v2 Mashups

Stop creating integrations between all your applications. Annitek Navigator 2.0 can combine data from multiple data sources into a single visualization. Break down the application silos to get a true 360° view of your business.

icon_database_v2 Reusable Data Layer

Reporting software today embeds the queries within the reports reducing reusability. Annitek Navigator 2.0 Database/Web Service layer is separate from the presentation layer, enabling the use of the same data source over and over again.

icon_cloud_computing Connectors

Annitek can build a custom connector to connect to any SaaS application. For example,  if you are using Anaplan, Fieldglass, or any other cloud application.

icon_computer_screen Integrated Portal

Annitek Navigator 2.0 integrated platform modules include Administration, User Management, Data Management, and Dashboard Designer. No need to download any software, as Annitek Navigator 2.0 is web-based.



html5-color Sharp Charts Annitek Navigator 2.0 can produce sharp and crisp charts that are very high resolution. We at Annitek further deliver on our promise to our customers of bringing clarity to their PPM.
icon_download Download Formats End users can download dashboards or data to PPT, PDF, or Excel. Administrators can embed the dashboards in the corporate intranet, CA Clarity PPM, or SharePoint. 
icon_folders Drilldown Annitek Navigator 2.0 comes with an out of the box connector to Jaspersoft. You can drill down for more details from one dashboard to another or a Jaspersoft report for printable reports.
icon_drag_and_drop_v2 Designer Building a dashboard is really very easy. Simply set up a connection, drag a component onto the canvas, set the component properties, and press preview. You are on your way.
Annitek Navigator Designer Components


Organizations have Timesheet data in SAP Fieldglass, Planning data in Anaplan, Agile Execution data in Rally/JIRA and PPM Data in Clarity and Finance Data in SAP

Isn't it time we stop importing the data if we are not processing it?  Get Live Data from all your applications and get complete insights into your Projects and Portfolio.


Dashboards With Write-Back

Have you ever been looking at a Resource Management dashboard or a report and wished you could simply edit a team member's allocation?  The problem with reports and dashboards is that they are built for viewing only.   Using Clarity PPM REST API, Annitek Navigator enables the Project Manager/ Resource Manager to modify the data directly within the dashboard instead of having to go back to the Clarity Portal.  How do we manage Governance?  We use the Clarity PPM security model and limit the write-back feature to only authorized roles

  • OKTA SSO ready
  • Clarity PPM resources sync – manage resources in one place
  • Use Clarity NSQL queries to build dashboards
  • Use Clarity API Security to permit write-back
  • Move seamlessly between Clarity PPM, Jaspersoft and Annitek Navigator
  • Effortlessly deploy dashboards for the whole team
  • Single point of support - we understand Clarity, Dashboards, and Jaspersoft
  • Get the value from your Dashboarding tool immediately


By working with Annitek Navigator you can truly achieve a 360-degree view of your Project and Portfolio
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