Business Stories

Business Stories - Let Your Team Tell Their Story

Users Explore Data and Discover Insights in Seconds

Experience Self-Service BI

A tool built especially for the agile project team so that their questions can be answered, and they can collaborate and share decisions for rapid execution. 

Drag and drop interface allows the team to design and build reports within a few minutes and get data insights instantly. Users have complete control over branding, styling, and personalizing the visuals.   They can apply click-based interaction between multiple charts, deploy global filters, use Natural Language Search (NLP) capabilities, and create new stories. Previously used queries are saved under search suggestions and can be reused within new stories.


Intuitive AI-based Search

Explore your data up to any granularity to get a deeper understanding of it with Annitek Navigator Search. Type your data query or use voice command (for mobile apps) and penetrate your data using our highly responsive Search. Pin your search results to storyboard and re-arrange them to find hidden data insights. Annitek Navigator's AI-based Search refers to the NLP method to communicate with an intelligent BI Platform.


Data Insights

Get automated basic data insights based on the selected data store.  The tool uses machine learning techniques to bring forth the relevant data information intelligently to the end-users. The automated data-insights get altered based on the selection of the key factors.

Access Your Data Your Way

Executives and decision-makers can create their data visualizations through Business Story. They can connect to disparate data both within and outside the organization through pre-built data connectors. Insightful analytical reports are available on any device (desktop/ mobile/tablet) — Access Annitek native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices for constant data insight discovery. Export the analytical business reports in XLV, CSV, PDF, and PPT.

  • OKTA SSO ready
  • Clarity PPM resources sync – manage resources in one place
  • Use Clarity NSQL queries to build dashboards
  • Use Clarity API Security to permit write-back
  • Move seamlessly between Clarity PPM, Jaspersoft and Annitek Navigator
  • Effortlessly deploy dashboards for the whole team
  • Single point of support - we understand Clarity, Dashboards, and Jaspersoft
  • Get the value from your Dashboarding tool immediately


By working with Annitek Navigator, you can truly achieve a 360° view of your Projects and Portfolios
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